Volunteering at the RFC gives you a unique chance to make new aviation friends and make a real difference to the club, its events and activities provided to our hundreds of members. Like most non-for-profits, the RFC is, and always has been, reliant on the participation and volunteering of members - it's YOUR club. And there are many exciting opportunities: from driving the big snow equipment, cooking at the fly-ins, sharing your aviation enthusiasm with others... even participating on the RFC board - who are all volunteers.
This is the one-stop-shop for volunteering at the RFC. Why volunteer? While RFC staff can set up the backbone of certain activities, the success behind many of our club activities comes from volunteers generously giving of their time. If you have not participated before, or perhaps it has been a while, we ask that you consider how you could help the club... you'd be surprised at the benefits!

An airport inspection is performed at CYRO most days.  It involves driving around the airport, following a checklist and searching for any foreign objects / debris (FOD).  A typical inspection takes 15-20 minutes.

Every year, as the winter melts away, the RFC has an Annual Spring Clean-Up Day. This is typically held on a weekend in April/May depending on the weather... which is always somewhat variable at this time of year!  Volunteers get together and enjoy spending time with fellow club members giving a helping hand painting, planting some flowers, cleaning some windows and so on. Refreshments (e.g. coffee, donuts, pizza...) provided.

The RFC clubhouse and surrounding area is maintained by volunteers.  Whether it is repainting a room, planting new flowers, or sorting out the library, volunteering to help out in this way is of benefit to the entire membership.

Every year, as the winter melts away, the RFC has an Annual Winterization Day. This is typically held the first Saturday of November in the year. Project Central will be in the classroom, where we form teams and dispatch you to the four corners of the airport. Collect a coffee and a doughnut, choose a job, and head out to mingle with fellow members.

During the months of December to March, snow removal at the Rockcliffe Airport is a challenge.  We aim to keep the airport open as much as is safely possible during season.  To help with this, this group is for those wishing to volunteer with this endeavour.  We have recently invested in new equipment, and provide one-on-one training on the various pieces of equipment we have.