The Rockcliffe Flying Club is a Not-For-Profit corporation operating in the Canadian National Capital Region. It has many chartered objectives, including advancing the study and practice of flying, aeronautics and aviation in general.  The RFC also offers a variety of other services, such as sightseeing, aircraft rentals, pilot supplies, fuel sales, tiedown and maintenance.

The Rockcliffe Flying Club (1961) is a Canadian federally registered not-for-profit corporation that admits members as set out in its by-laws.
The Rockcliffe Flying Club (1961) serves its members by encouraging them to develop their piloting skills through training, seminars, aviation activities, and of course "hangar flying" and other social activities.
From checklists to flight planning tools, this activity groups together numerous aviation information resources designed to help pilots flying in the Rockcliffe area and beyond.

This section contains aviation information for pilots flying in the area of the Rockcliffe airport.  Although the airport is uncontrolled, its proximity to the airports of Ottawa and Gatineau means that it lies adjacent to several areas of controlled airspace and in a high density traffic zone.

In 2015, the RFC took over operation of the Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) in the hangar at the Rockcliffe Airport. The AMO currently services aircraft from the field, including those of owners and the club, as well as aircraft from further afield.
Every year at the Wings Dinner, the RFC celebrates the achievements of our club members. A number of awards are presented, with winners chosen by fellow club members, the board of directors, staff such as the chief flight instructor, and club benefactors.
The place for members to advertise any aviation products, goods, and services.

The RFC has a training fleet consisting primarily consisting of Cessna aircraft.  There is also a Super Decathalon for tailwheel and aerobatic training, and a RedBird full motion simulator.

The RFC offers a range of aviation-related products and books for the budding student and general aviation enthusiast: pilot supplies such as CO detectors and fuel strainers, and books such as the highly acclaimed Aviation Publishers texts.
This activity contains tasks relating to event management at the Rockcliffe Flying Club. It should be hidden from all users since it is not intended for general consumption. Certain users may be invited to join it by invitation.

The current RFC clubhouse was built in 2010, and was supposed to be temporary (2 years) accommodation.  The club is working towards creating a new terminal building along with some on-field hangars.  This activity details the progress being made towards achieving this goal.

RFC staff contribute to the day-to-day running of the club.  From airport operations, through training and flight dispatching, each member of staff contributes in a unique way to serve both the club membership and those visiting the club.

As a not-for-profit, the RFC is overseen by a board of up to seven (although no fewer than six) directors elected to two-year terms. All sustaining members (licensed pilots who have been members for more than one year) and life members, in good standing, are entitled to run for election to the board of directors.

RFC Alumni are a vital part of our club, and we hope that they stay connected with us and with each other. The RFC aims to nurture a welcoming community where licensed pilots, former students, instructors, staff, employees and friends connect and offer insights such as "this is how we do it in the airlines..."